Express Weight Loss 24 Sessions

before-after-y before-after-x
jane2 jane

Belly Fat Men 24 Sessions

bellyafter bellybefore
man1 man2
gord1 man33

Molding & Toning Treatment 24 Sessions

mold7 mold6
old2 mold3
mold5 mold4

Belly Fat Women 12 Sessions

chica4 chica1
chica2 chica3
bellyback2 bellyback

Abs Definition & Toning 24 Sessions

abs1 abs
absback2 absback

Non-Surgical Skin Tightening 24 Sessions

skint2 skint
g2 g1

Tummy Tuck Fixer 12 Sessions

fr2 fr
lr ls

Post Maternal 24 Sessions

Bad Lipo Solver 12 Sessions

post post2
liposolver2 liposolver

Body Sculpting 6 Sessions

Lipo Freeze 4 Applicators

bodysculp9 bodysculp2
lipofreese lipofreese2

Non Invasive Butt Lift

Non Invasive Arm Lift

bl1 bl2
brazo2 brazo

Fibrosis Removal after bad Lipo

Cellulite Treatment 6 Sessions

fibros fibro2
cullite celulite22

Neck Facelift 8 Treatments

Facelift 8 Treatments

face1 face2
fac1 fac2

Legal Disclaimer

Individual results may vary; every client is unique therefore, no single technique is suited to all cases. Before & After photos and videos are not guarantees that your results will be the same or similar: each individual client’s results will be different.